Kitamoto Seminar 2012

The 2012 Foreign Kendo Leaders summer seminar will be held in Kitamoto City, Saitama from July 27 to August 3. Please send your application to Okusa-sensei by the February 5 deadline. For more information, see the invitation .

Team Canada needs your support!

The fine kendoka chosen to represent your country at the 15th World Kendo Championships could use your support. Please check out these important messages in English or French . Also available is the presentation given at the 2011 CKF AGM.

FIK Referee Seminar Instructors Announced

The visiting sensei for the 2012 FIK Referee seminar have been announced. They are: 1. Mr. Tatsuaki Kosaka Kendo-Hanshi 8 Dan 2. Mr. Kazushi Miyake Kendo-Kyoshi 8 Dan 3. Mr. Kunihide Koda Kendo-Kyoshi 8 Dan The seminar will be held January 28-29 in Montreal. For more...