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Kendo Team Canada

The Canadian Kendo Federation manages and sponsors the development of amateur athletes across Canada under the Team Canada program. Team Canada consists of a Men’s Team and Women’s Team, who train towards the World Kendo Championships (WKC) hosted every three years.

The 2021 Kendo Team Canada selection process is underway. The team will compete at the 18th WKC to be held in the spring of 2021 in Paris France. Final team members will be announced in Fall 2020, following the final selection process.

2021 Team Canada Management

Manager: David Westhead

Head Coach: Dean Ara

Assistant Coach East: Hyo Sung Kim
Assistant Coach West: Daisaku Taguchi

Associate Coach: Shigemitsu Kamata, Kyle Lee, Shane Asa, and Makiko Ara

Photo courtesy of Kendo Photography

Team Canada Support

Kendo is practiced throughout the world, with 56 countries participating in the most recent 16th WKC in 2015. Canada enjoys a very high profile within the global Kendo community with an impressive record of two 2nd place finishes and eight 3rd place finishes at the WKC. Only teams from Japan, Korea, Brasil, Canada, and USA have placed in the top 2 over the 40-year history of the Championships.

Despite these international successes, Kendo in Canada remains strictly an amateur sport. The CKF Board of Directors, referees, instructors, and coaches even at the highest levels devote their time and resources on a volunteer basis. Athletes work regular full-time jobs or are students trying to complete degrees while competing internationally. Much of the funding provided by the CKF goes towards training, while expenses to attend the Championships is self-funded.

The CKF welcomes corporate and individual sponsorship through financial support, facility use, equipment, team wear, travel, and training expenses.  Please contact [email protected] to learn how you can help.

Team Canada Prospects and Development Program

The selection process for the 2021 Team Canada Program is underway. All inquires should be directed to Team Manager, David Westhead.

Planning for Team Canada and prospects selection for Team Canada begins two years before the next WKC. Prospects for Team Canada must hold a Canadian Passport and be a CKF member in good standing. A call for prospects is distributed by the CKF to all active members upon selection of Team Canada Management. Qualified applicants should follow the application process and expect to attend prospect evaluation camps held in Vancouver and Toronto.

Any new prospects should speak to a CKF Director or current Team Canada Management to learn more about the Team Canada Program.

Team Canada History

The first World Kendo Championships (WKC) were hosted in Japan in 1970 and is held every three years in locations around the world. Canada had the honour of hosting the 8th WKC in Toronto in 1991. Canadian teams have had great success throughout the 40 years of the championships, with 2nd and 3rd place finishes over the years.

YearChampionshipsHosting CountryCategoryMedal Finish
19732nd WKCSan Francisco, USACanada Men’s Team2nd Place
19763rd WKCMilton Keynes, Great BritainCanada Men’s Team2nd Place
19856th WKCParis, FranceCanada Men’s Team3rd Place
19887th WKCSeoul, South KoreaCanada Men’s Team3rd Place
19918th WKCToronto, OntarioCanada Men’s Team3rd Place
19949th WKCParis, FranceCanada Men’s Team3rd Place
199710th WKC*Kyoto, JapanWendy Nakano, Women’s Individual3rd Place
200011th WKCSanta Clara, USACanada Men’s Team3rd Place
200011th WKCSanta Clara, USACanada Women’s Team3rd Place
200312th WKCGlasgow, Great BritainCanada Women’s Team3rd Place
200613th WKCTaipei, TaiwanCanada Women’s Team3rd Place
201817th WKCSeoul, KoreaCanada Women’s Team3rd Place
*Women’s Individual and Team matches started in 1997 at the 10th WKC.
17th WKC Women's Kendo 3rd Place

 2018 Team Canada – Women’s Team 3rd Place at the 17th World Kendo Championships in Seoul Korea


1991 Team Canada WKC in Toronto

1991 Team Canada – 8th World Kendo Championships in Toronto, Canada

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Mailing Address:

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Montreal, QC
H2Y 3S5, Canada

General Inquiries:
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President: Christian D'Orangeville
Vice President East: Hyun-June Choi
Vice President West: Makiko Ara
Secretary: Neil Gendzwill
Treasurer: John Maisonneuve
Director: Pamela Morgan
Director: David Mori
Director: Patrick Suen